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Victory of Assad Regime in Ghouta Is Major Defeat for Those Fighting Racism and Capitalist Authoritarianism Globally

Those who oppose both the Assad regime and the Jihadists and all the imperialist powers, need to focus on a glaring fact: Support for Assad and Putin has become a rallying cry for Western white supremacist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic organizations and parties. We need to show that opposing the Assad regime’s war on the Syrian masses is absolutely necessary for fighting the growth of white supremacy in the U.S. and other Western countries. Indeed it is necessary for challenging the growth of capitalist authoritarianism around the world. Assad’s Syria could be our future.

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Spanish State

“The feminists are here”

The fact that this March 8th was going to surpass all our expectations was clear when we looked back on the weeks that preceded it. No one, however, seemed capable of anticipating the scale of the mobilization that we finally witnessed. Fortunately, the wave swept over us all. Beginning on November 7th, 2015, there have been more and more analyses of the women’s movement in Spain. In the international context marked by the rise of the far right and the reflux of social mobilization, many people have sought to interpret the why and the how of a movement that is capable of drawing in more and more young women, getting them to mobilize in the streets and to question the traditional logics of struggle and conflict. In addition, the feminist movement seems to possess a global dimension and a strategic horizon, building itself as an expression of generalized contestation of the capitalist system. With time it will be possible to grasp to what extent this potential will develop. For the moment, here are some elements of analysis to try and arrive at a collective understanding of what has happened this week.

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YPJ as a symbol of women resistance

Hawzhin Azeez is co-founder the non-governmental organization Hevi (meaning hope in Kurdish). The NGO provides humanitarian aid to the people of Rojava (three autonomously run cantons located in northern Syria). Hawzhin is the creator of the Middle Eastern Feminist on Facebook. She writes passionately and eloquently about the Rojava Revolution, feminism and Kurdish issues.

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